Adleta Kneifl

Being born and raised in then soviet occupied Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic,  Adleta’s life didn’t start so ideally.  Not being able to be with her biological parents, Adleta lived in a foster home until she was adopted at the age of 7 by a beautiful couple who wanted nothing more than to  give love to an abandoned child and raise her in a loving home and in to a decent human being. The ideal fairytale didn’t last very long since Adleta’s  “new” father passed away 5 years later due to aggressive cancer. Living in the small town, taking care of a small farm, studying and being the best possible daughter to her recently widowed mother, Adleta had to grow up fast. At the age of 17 she had to deal with another major loss in her life when her first boyfriend passed away in mountain climbing accident in Switzerland.

After graduating, Adleta’s search for the ‘meaning of life’ lead her to travel all over Europe and eventually to England where she lived and worked as a Nanny for 2 years. Her journey then led her to the USA with nothing except her unanswered questions about the meaning of life. While working as a Bartender in NYC, devoting herself to finding an answer, Adleta started reading, studying and taking purposeful actions in the realm of personal development, human psychology and philosophy. By utilizing the knowledge she gained from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), Psycho-Cybernetics, Time Dynamics, Hypnosis, Quantum Technology, Vipassana, Reiky and Yoga, her own world took a different course than what her culture and social standard would normally dictate. It took real world experiences, many steps forward and some setbacks, to understand and achieve her “purposeful life” definition, and that is what makes Adleta so knowledgeable.

By working as a bartender while studying, she began to talk to people from all walks of life, discovering that they all want the same sense of purpose, certainty, significance, love, variety, growth and contribution as she had been looking for as well. From behind the bar she was able to observe humans at their best and their worst and was able to take her studies of human psychology and apply them to the guests who sat at her bar.

Adleta is now a certified Master practitioner and trainer of NLP and Psycho-Cybernetics. She is a compassionate and dedicated teacher and coach with a highly developed insight when it comes to adversity. She teaches her clients and students to break through limitations so they authentically stand in their purpose and power; whether it’s in business, relationships, finances, health or just discovering their purpose or direction.

Adleta’s own journey and experiences have inspired her devotion to help and empower others through transition. She is a wonderful guide to eliminating negative self image and communication with self and others, self-sabotaging behavior and getting to successful desired result. Adleta utilizes her knowledge from various psycho-mechanics including new cutting edge Neuroscience, Psycho-Cybernetics, Linguistics, Quantum Physics, and ancient wisdom, meditation, yoga, reiky, guided visualizations, conversational hypnosis…… whatever it takes to help her clients release their past traumas, get the A-ha moment, reset the operating system, make a U-turn on a dead-end street and move forward in purposeful and meaningful direction.

Adleta now lives in Hermosa Beach in California with her husband and their cute and super cool pets - Nellie (dog) and Allie (cat). Adleta is the founder of 'New Options Academy'; her independently owned and operated coaching and teaching company. In her sessions and courses, students and clients enter an integral learning environment for accelerated, lasting change that elevates how one thinks, speaks, and lives.

In addition to her formal training, Adleta has earned triumphant degrees in the School of Hard Knocks, Life Lessons, and Universal Laws and created her own empowering story of transformation and came out clean on the other side!


I was referred to Adleta by a friend and am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her. I am a big fan of personal growth and getting to know the parts of myself I don’t know yet. We did 2 sessions and we were able to really break through to some deep truth. I love her intuitive guidance and knowledge of not only NLP but so much more in the realm of personal growth and the esoteric. She really creates a safe space to go deep inside and allow the process to happen. Highly, highly recommend her.
— Martin
Adleta’s passion for helping people is obvious right from the beginning. She truly takes the time to understand your challenges and then through various exercises, and conversations she helps you realize change is possible. I was stubborn and filled with ego, resentment, judgement and an inability to live in the moment. I can honestly say that I didn’t even realizes these things were holding me back from true happiness until I met Adleta. She opened my eyes and because of her I desired change after 35 years of denying I needed it. As of now I am a much more conscious person and because of that I no longer allow myself to hold onto anger and resentment. I accept things and move forward. She taught me how holding onto the past does nothing for me or my happiness, and it pulls me away from enjoying the present moment. I’m much happier because of Adleta and forever grateful for her patience and compassion working with me...I wasn’t an easy one to help and this I know!
— Jason S.