reset button to Healthy habits

My belief is that you can't control much in this world but you can control what you put in and on your body! THAT YOU CAN 100% CONTROL!!!

Your body is a temple, and no, that doesn't mean you let bunch of monkeys trash the place! LOL


Mind - Body - Soul are the three legs of a tripod and all three legs have to be balanced out in order to stand strong and I will address all three here on this page - somehow, eventually, gradually....

My friends and clients are constantly asking me for my healthy recipes or how do I take care of my body. The bottom line is -  I like things simple,  quick - minimum processed and healthy and most importantly  - I want to be in charge of the quality. Remember, food is not just an energy, IT IS AN INFORMATION!!! An Information, how it's been raised or cropped, cared for and also how it died. You are literally taking all that information into your body and your body responds accordingly and you become just that. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

People often joke that healthy food taste horrible not realizing it is just their own food receptors aka taste buds that are out of wack. If you have been used to all process food your whole life, of-course you will not be a fan of something raw like vegetables and fruits. Did you know humans are the only species that mess with their food?

So how to make food taste good without adding all the junk in. Like at any spring cleaning, first we have to throw out whatever we had stored in our storage and clean it out. Just to be able to taste anything and enjoy it, you have to wake up your taste buds that has been numbed out by the amount of salts and sugars you were probably used to. To actually start enjoying  healthy food, I recommend 20 days of Full Body Detoxing program.It is like pushing a reset button. You will not put new oil in to your car unless you empty out the old one, right? Same with your body! I promise you, you will not starve yourself at all, you can eat as much as you want - just better choices. Besides, know this: hunger is most of the time just a thirst in disguise. Most of the time you feel hungry, you are basically just thirsty! Notice how much water you actually drink during a day. Recommended daily amount of water to drink should be 2L or about half a gallon. Be honest with yourself, do you drink that much of water? Also, do yourself a big favor and stop slowly poisoning yourself with tap water which has Fluoride; and switch to Alkaline water! Your life literally depends on it! 

On DHERBS.COM you get 20 day Full Body Detox kit packed with natural herbs that you take throughout the day - every day, to help you clean all the waste from your organs and glands, while you follow only raw food diet regiment. It address all your major systems and tracks in your body, such as blood, lymphatic, cardiovascular, liver, spleen , gallbladder, lungs, respiratory, kidneys, bladder, adrenals, colon and digestive track. I like to go online and actually find some raw food recipes to make my food more interesting.  You will be surprised how delicious  meals you can make out of raw food! And as I mentioned earlier, because you are cleansing out your taste buds, you will actually be able to taste things you've never tasted before!

All instructions about the cleanse are included in the package. I personally lost 10 pounds in just 10 days. You will feel rejuvenated, energized with all your senses sharpened to the max. I admit, it is a struggle at the beginning, like anything that is valuable at the end! I promise you, it is worth the effort and every penny, and NO I am NOT their ambassador! 

After your 20 days of this Full Body Detox, you might go back into your old ways, if you wish, but I doubt you will go all the way because maybe for the first time, you actually have made a connection with your body and your body is communicating back to you and you are more in tune with that communication. I can promise you that certain foods from the past will actually loose the appeal they used to have. And that is a good thing, as you are developing new habits, new ideas, new body, new YOU!