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So what is Hypnosis?

First of all it is not a mind control! Nobody can crawl into someone else’s mind and make them gullible, weak minded or make them go out of control.   Hypnosis is generally just an induction of a trance state, it is an awake state, relaxed and in rapport with unconscious.  Although trance has a characteristic of the glassy-eyes it is simply means an internally focused state of attention.

We all find ourselves time to time in a trance, when we stare at the sunset in the distance or stare in fascination of a passing  cloud. We all have done it, stare out of the window, daydreaming, completely unaware of our surroundings. When we have driven the same route to work over and over and one day we just wonder how the hell did we even get there, unaware of the commute. Your body became a robot, controlled by the mind. What the mind sees, the body tends to do.

Nobody controls your mind; nobody makes you do things like a zombie. If actually something does require your full attention or somebody drops a plate or glass or talks really loudly on the phone, you are aware of it and it may bring you out of trance. All that happens, for the duration of the trance state, is that your attention is turned inward onto something particular and everything else just fades into the background, just for a while. You are still in total control.

We happen to get in to trance state even if nothing is around to fix our attention simply because our brains are naturally designed to go into trance every 90 – 120 minutes or so. I am sure you have experienced times when you are totally focused and energetic and noticing moments of feeling fuzzy and day dreamy. The phenomenal is called the Ultradian rhythm.

What is happening is that every 90 – 120 minutes the brain activity switches from the left hemisphere to the right. The brain waves slow down and speed up later. That is our brain processing everything that’s been absorbed in previous 90- 120 minutes. You can call it an internal housekeeping mechanism, like a computer backing up it’s files.

Hypnosis is pretty much just guided visualization exercise and it feels relaxed and wonderful.

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