The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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We all can sometimes get caught up in everyday craziness. The seemingly never ending cycle and no chance to take step back. No chance or even knowledge on HOW to take a deep breath and take a real look at our own life from different prospective.

Sometimes we can't see the end of our problem or spot a glimpse of solution just because we are too busy and too involved into chasing our own tail... spinning in the circle ...  never-ending cycling tunel...  spinning and spinning... spiraling down.


Our way of thinking is how we were taught to think by our parents, schools, our peers, society... and unless we find ourself a guru to teach us, we don't know that we can mentally take a different viewing position, where we can see ourselves through the eyes of the observer. From this un-bias position, we can observe and decide on what it needs to be prioritized in order to sustain oneself sanity. We can see what is truly important to us. From this position, we are able to discover our own Values and see if the beliefs we have are even our own or maybe somebody else's beliefs and we got somehow influenced into believing that they're our own.... We'll be able to find clarity and decide on how to re-align our own values in our own order and in sync with our own CORE! Not what others think it's right. We can gain clarity and finally decide on letting go of things that are actually NOT our problem and/or NOT that important as we initially thought they were.

We reset ourselves to our own original Blueprint, the original state when we were happy, confident and proactive, not because we had to but because we wanted to. We are again able to appreciate all the good things, situations and people in our life, feeling energized and proud and free.

Maybe we can take a look at our challenges in our life from this different perspective and contemplate a little: "What would've happen if they won't be done....What is the possibly worst scenario? Will the world end? .....and what would've NOT happen if they won't be done? .......... 

Sometimes our worst fears actually end up not as bad as we pictured them at first. We may even find a surprising and pleasant outcome as a result of taking a different approach and different mindset. The mindset of an observer. We might discover beautiful new freedom and refreshing lightness.

We don't have to wait to be happy only until something outside of us happens. We make it happen!!! We can start with appreciating the little things in our lives -  like having a roof over our heads, feeling the sun on our skin, being able to take a deep breath and think for ourselves, having this one friend that is always there for us, having the unconditional love of our pet...

We can create that little buffer between our crazy life and we step above, observe, advise and decide as we were helping our friend.

The light at the end of the tunnel is right under our nose. The magical change happens only on the inside and then projects on the outside. Nobody else can do this for us! Only ourselves have to do it! Each one of us have to face our own fears, honor them for grabbing our attention and naturally transform them into our blessings. We are our own light!